Fair Deal for Equality

Why we need a Fair Deal for Equality 


The term ‘liberal’ is in our name because we exist to champion an open and free society. 

We believe everyone should be able to live their lives as who they are, free from judgement and persecution, and with the ability to realise their full potential. Diversity is one of the UK’s greatest strengths and should be celebrated. 

But in the past few years, progress has stalled. The Government has yet to ban conversion “therapy” practices, it flirts with tearing up the Human Rights Act, and it openly challenges international norms with legislation like the Rwanda Bill on asylum seekers. Too often, their language divides rather than unites. 

We cannot let progress backslide. We must confront prejudice and discrimination wherever it exists. 

Promoting equality 

We will stand up for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. To advance equality, we will: 

✅ Develop and implement a comprehensive Race Equality Strategy. 

✅ Tackle institutional biases, ensuring that diversity is reflected throughout public life. 

✅ Respect and defend the rights and identities of all LGBT+ people, including trans and non-binary people. 

✅ Ban all forms of Conversion Practices. 

Empowering all 

Everyone deserves to be able to live to their full potential. To these ends, people must have full control over their lives, able to make the decisions which work best for them. 

We will: 

✅ Give everyone the right to flexible working and every person with disabilities the right to work from home if they want to, unless significant business reasons prevent it. 

✅ Protect everyone’s right to make independent decisions over their reproductive health without interference by the state, and ensure access to high-quality reproductive healthcare. 

Legislative protections 

We must defend existing laws which offer us fundamental protections and pursue new laws to cover areas where policy is lacking. 

We will: 

✅ Champion the Human Rights Act and resist any attempts to weaken or repeal it. 

✅ Scrap the Conservatives’ draconian anti-protest laws, restoring pre-existing protections for peaceful assembly and public safety. 

✅ Make misogyny a hate crime and give police and prosecutors the resources and training to prevent and prosecute all hate crimes while supporting survivors. 

✅ Place a statutory duty of care on all social media platforms to prevent well-defined harms, based on clear evidence, and introduce a Digital Bill of Rights to protect everyone’s rights online, including the rights to privacy, free expression, and participation without being subjected to harassment and abuse. 


That’s the fair deal for equality and rights that we’ll be fighting for at the General Election.

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