Harry Boparai selected as Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate

16 Dec 2023
Harry Boparai

Spelthorne Liberal Democrats are delighted to announce the appointment of local borough and county councillor Harry Boparai as their candidate for the upcoming General Election.

Harry is a passionate advocate for social justice, the NHS, education, and crime prevention. With children of his own Harry is also determined to provide opportunities for the young and believes that global warming is the most serious threat facing humanity.

Having endured the chaos of the Johnson, Truss and Sunak administrations, Harry wants to restore integrity, compassion and competence to government. 

Unlike our current Conservative MP, Harry lives in the constituency. He did not go to Eton, but attended a local state comprehensive. 

Harry works shifts at Heathrow and he knows how hard it is for the average person to make ends meet since our current MP crashed the economy. 

It was Harry’s desire for social justice which prompted him to seek election to parliament where he will be in a position to address the ever-growing disparity between the super-rich and the working poor.

Across the UK people are choosing between eating or heating. They are struggling to pay their utility bills, rents or mortgages. There is a lack of affordable housing, over 7 million on our NHS waiting lists, classrooms are crumbling, crime is rising and legal immigration is at a record level. 

There is a climate emergency and our Prime Minister is rowing back on previous commitments to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The country has endured 5 Conservative Prime Ministers since 2015 and now an unelected Lord Cameron, yet another Old Etonian, has returned to the sinking ship.

It is time for change and the Liberal Democrats are the party best placed to replace our discredited, absentee Tory MP. The Liberal Democrats form the largest non-Tory group on Spelthorne Council with 10 councillors, including Harry. 

Deputy Leader of Spelthorne Council, Chris Bateson says, 

“I am delighted that Harry has been appointed as the Parliamentary candidate to represent the Liberal Democrats in Spelthorne in the up and coming General election.

Spelthorne needs an MP who lives in the constituency and cares for our community. Harry has a heart and he also gets things done. As a local councillor, he has solved many issues which had been ignored for years.” 

Before being elected as MP for Spelthorne Kwasi Kwarteng promised that he would move to the constituency. He has broken this promise along with so many others. Kwarteng supported Dominic Cummings & Boris Johnson when they broke COVID rules. He was then appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer by his friend Liz Truss and crashed the economy in days. 

Spelthorne and the country deserve someone better. With his proven track record as an effective and compassionate local borough and county councillor Harry Boparai is the person best placed to defeat Kwasi Kwarteng. Residents of all parties and none are already offering him their support. 

Commenting on his appointment Harry said, 

“It is a great honour to have been chosen to represent the Liberal Democrats in my home constituency of Spelthorne. If elected to Westminster I will do everything in my power to improve the lives of all the residents of Spelthorne.

The House of Commons should not be filled with Old Etonians like Kwasi Kwarteng, who know nothing about the lives of ordinary people."

It’s time for the people of Spelthorne to elect one of their own to represent them. Someone who lives in the constituency who understands their needs. Someone who has already done so much to help them as a local councillor. 

Harry Boparai is that person. If anyone can beat Kwasi Kwarteng, Harry can.


For further information or to join the campaign team, please contact: 


Mobile  07525 473 430