Let’s give our students a broader outlook: why we need to rejoin Erasmus

23 Jan 2024
Students want Erasmus scheme

The decision by the UK government to withdraw from the Erasmus scheme in 2020 raised eyebrows. We believe this decision limits opportunities for British students and hinders the nation's ability to attract international talent. Let’s give our students a fair chance and rejoin now.

What is Erasmus?

Erasmus gives young people the chance to study, work and travel across Europe. The Europe-wide programme created countless opportunities for young people in the UK, as well as bringing talent from other countries into our universities and workplaces. Being outside Erasmus puts our country, and our young people, at a disadvantage.

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In a globalised world where connections and collaborations across borders are increasingly vital, the Erasmus scheme has emerged as a beacon of educational and cultural exchange. Originating in 1987, the Erasmus programme facilitates student mobility, encouraging cross-cultural understanding and fostering international cooperation. As the United Kingdom once again contemplates its place in the world post-Brexit, there is a growing chorus advocating for the country to rejoin the Erasmus scheme.

The Liberal Democrat View

Our policy on reconnecting with Europe emphasises the importance of international collaboration in education and culture. We argue that rejoining Erasmus is not just about educational opportunities but also about strengthening the UK's global ties and soft power. By reintegrating into this highly-respected programme, the UK can demonstrate a commitment to fostering international understanding, a move that aligns with the Liberal Democrats' broader vision for an open, tolerant, and globally engaged Britain.

The Erasmus scheme stands as a testament to the power of educational exchange in building bridges between nations. The Liberal Democrats' stance on this issue underscores the broader significance of international cooperation in shaping a brighter future for the UK on the global stage.

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